Sunday, June 26, 2011

Strike Three

For Round #3, my Dr put me on 100 mg of Clomid, cycle days 5-9.  With the higher dose, the Dr was hoping for a more mature egg and better Progesterone level.  When I went in to have my progesterone level checked, the higher dose definitely worked, I had levels in the mid 20s! 

I have always expected my period within 15 days after my +OPK.  This cycle I tried really hard to wait until then to test.  I had a Dr's appointment anyway, so I figured I might as well save the money and let them test if my period hadn't arrived.  The day of my appointment, my period still hadn't arrived, so I SO was excited to go to my appointment, figuring 'This is it!'  Dr's office tested and it was negative.  My Dr just asked me about when I got my +OPK and what my cycles had been running like.  She really didn't give me any explanation why my period was late, just that I wasn't pregnant.  Once I got home, I got on line searching for any clues as to what happened.  Maybe I wasn't far enough along and all the water I drank earlier in the day had diluted any HCG (pregnancy hormone) and cause a false negative. 

My period showed up a couple days later and I finally stumbled upon the fact that the higher Clomid dosage increases the time between the +OPK and your period.  Would have loved to have been told that before!  Hoping you're pregnant just to get your period when expected is nothing compared to having your period be late and just knowing that you were finally pregnant.  Its one of the worst let downs I've experienced up to this point.  Even the next day at work I just broke down into tears because all of this just break your heart.

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