Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And the Journey Begins...

We're traveling back into time... January 2011.

Neither Ted nor I wanted children far apart, ideally, they'd be 18 months to 2 years apart.  However, finances just didn't allow us to even think of baby #2 until the end of 2010.  So I convinced Ted to start trying for baby #2 in January 2011.  I was hoping that baby #2 wouldn't be too far away from Reagan's 3rd birthday.

Just due to laziness and just being tired of taking birth control everyday, I stopped taking it in December 2010.  Amazingly enough, I had a regular cycle, 28 days.  I thought that was a good sign, maybe my body was starting to right itself...  I've heard of pregnancy doing that.  I called up my Dr and got my Clomid prescription.  I started off with 50mg of Clomid, cycle days 6 - 10.  I met up with my Dr to discuss what type of monitoring, if any, we would be doing.  We decided that the first round at least we'd do nothing... just take the pills and do Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs) from day 12 until a positive OPK.  We figured, it only took 2 rounds of Clomid with Reagan, so it wouldn't take too long.  I knew from Reagan that I ovulated about a week later than normal, so when I got my postive OPK on cycle day 20, I was excited.  The Clomid still works! 

After the positive OPK is when hell starts.  Two agonizing weeks worth of waiting.  There is no longer anything you can do other than hope and pray for implantation.  Two weeks worth of, 'What's that?'  'Was that a cramp?'  'Do my boobs hurt?'  Every twinge, gas bubble, or tickle sends you running online to search for early pregnancy symptoms.  You sit there and count the days and many times start taking home pregnancy tests (HPTs) as soon as 10 days post ovulation (dpo).  I remember one morning around 9 dpo, I woke up nausous, my gag reflex was there while brushing my teeth and everything.  I was soo sure that I was pregnant.. until I tested.  Negative.  I seriously hate pregnancy tests.. they dash every hope you have in about 3 minutes.  Then they taunt you, they make you think, maybe I just tested too early.. maybe it'll show Positive if I wait a couple days.  Then it laughs in your face when you see the Negative a few days later.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.. so I guess I'm right in saying that testing drives me insane! 

After way too many Negative HPTs, the evil bitch showed up.  Any plans I had of announcing a pregnancy at Reagan's 2nd birthday party went officially out the window.

I can definitely see the plus side in how the Duggars plan their families.. they don't.  They just go about their business, they don't monitor anything, no counting days, no nothing.  They just leave it up to God.  There is no stress involved... you're not trying to force anything, nor are you expecting anything.  I'm definitely going that route after baby #2.  Grant it, I know, with my luck, I'll be pregnant at my 6 week checkup.  But hey, I've always wanted 3 kids!

So, cycle #1 was a bust... onto cycle #2!

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